Welcome to the world of asynchronous skills!
These little gems are like the secret agents of your code—they operate independently,
silently, and with purpose.

What Are Asynchronous Skills?
Think of them as the virtuosos of parallelism. These skills are subclasses of the
formidable ShorniSplash skill.

But what sets them apart?

They possess the art of asynchronous execution—a dance that happens on a separate CPU core.
place the code you want to run asynchronously in the async_func (static function)
override(in the subclass skill). also override the trigger method of the skill to set
it's engagement condition.FLspeaker40x40

see code example in the python version async_skills file.

the code in the async function will run on a daemon thread asynchronously on a separate
CPU core from the main program, ensuring a smooth run.

if your skill code takes a while to run, for example making an API request, getting
an RSS feed and such, you should use this async technique.

Naming Conventions
These skills deserve epic names. Start them with "Da" (representing "the async").
Imagine you're christening a digital superhero! joker