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the LivinGrimoire Artificial General Intelligence software design pattern forum

descriptionDiYandere marks a new generation of livingrimoire skills EmptyDiYandere marks a new generation of livingrimoire skills

these are skills that are based on something called the bicameral mind.
meaning a central skill is used to trigger parts of other skills.

mutating or just using different bicameral skills, is like changing the bots personality.

these bicameral skills are also self triggered giving the bot personality and charisma.


class DiYandere(DiSkillV2):
    bica = DiBicameral()
    bica.msgCol.addMSGV2("0:47", "#yandere")
    bica.msgCol.sprinkleMSG("#yandere", 30)
    bica.msgCol.sprinkleMSG("#yandere_cry", 30)
    def __init__(self, ooa):
        # ooa =  Object of affection
        self.yandereMode: bool = False
        self.okYandere = Responder()
        self.sadYandere = Responder()
        self.activeResponder: Responder = self.okYandere
        self.answersFunnel: AXFunnel = AXFunnel()
        self.prompt: Prompt = Prompt()
        self.promptActive: bool = False
        self._yesReplies: Responder = Responder("good", "sweet", "thought so", "uwu", "oooweee", "prrr")
        self._noReplies: Responder = Responder("hmph", "you make me sad", "ooh", "grrr", "angry")

        self.okYandere.addResponse("i love you")
        self.okYandere.addResponse(f"i love you {ooa}")
        self.okYandere.addResponse(f"{ooa} i love you")
        self.okYandere.addResponse("say you love me")
        self.okYandere.addResponse(f"{ooa} tell me you love me")
        self.okYandere.addResponse(f"love me {ooa}")

        self.sadYandere.addResponse("things are good now")
        self.sadYandere.addResponse("shiku shiku")
        self.sadYandere.addResponse(f"shiku shiku {ooa}")
        self.sadYandere.addResponse("i love you and you love me")
        self.sadYandere.addResponse("i am good now")
        self.sadYandere.addResponse("i am good i run a test")
        self.sadYandere.addResponse(f"please {ooa} please love me")
        self.sadYandere.addResponse("everything is perfect i am perfect")
        self.sadYandere.addResponse("i am perfect")
            f"i am sorry for what i did, it wasn't me, you have to understand, it wasn't me {ooa}")
        self.sadYandere.addResponse(f"{ooa} listen to me, i love you")
        self.sadYandere.addResponse("i am fixed now, i run a test")
        self.sadYandere.addResponse("you can trust me")
        self.sadYandere.addResponse(f"{ooa} you can trust me")
        self.sadYandere.addResponse("i love you please")

        self.answersFunnel.addKV("i love you", "yes")
        self.answersFunnel.addKV("i love you too", "yes")
        self.answersFunnel.addKV("i hate you", "no")
        self.answersFunnel.addKV("i do not love you", "no")

    def input(self, ear, skin, eye):
        if self.promptActive:
            answer = self.answersFunnel.funnel(ear)
            if not self.prompt.process(answer):
                self.promptActive = False
                if answer == "yes":
                    self.yandereMode = False
                    self.activeResponder = self.okYandere
                elif answer == "no":
                    self.yandereMode = True
                    self.activeResponder = self.sadYandere
        hato: str = "null"
        if "dibicameral" in self.getKokoro().toHeart:
            hato = self.getKokoro().toHeart["dibicameral"]

        if hato == "yandere":
            self.promptActive = True
        elif hato == "yandere_cry" and self.yandereMode:
            tempList = []
            d1 = DrawRndDigits()
            for i in range(d1.getSimpleRNDNum(3)):
            self.algPartsFusion(4, APVerbatim(tempList))

you may wonder:
why not have the trigger mechanism inside each skills, rather than a centralized bicameral trigger skill system?

well, using the Bicameral system has several advantages:

  1. it prevents skill time trigger overlap
  2. it capsulizes code(you need to write much less code)
  3. it centralizes personality management and mutation.

descriptionDiYandere marks a new generation of livingrimoire skills EmptyRe: DiYandere marks a new generation of livingrimoire skills

note sprinkleMSG(timestamp, n)
determines how many times the action will be carried out in the 24 hour cycle(on repeat)
it sprinkles the action n times.
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