some skills are paired with a gamificational connection.

this means a grind skill, and a costly skill.

to make the costly skill function, the gamification bank should be
filled by engaging grind skills.

it is the same gamification principle used to improve video games, it
also applies to brain skills.

example code usage:


        Brain b1 = new Brain();
        b1.hardwareChobit.addSkill(new DiSysOut());
        DiGamificationSkillBundle dsb = new DiGamificationSkillBundle();
        dsb.addGrindSkill(new DiHelloWorld());
        dsb.addCostlySkill(new DiTime());

limitless grind and cost skills can be added.
DiGamificationSkillBundle connects only the specific grind and cost skills
in it, and would not effect other DiGamificationSkillBundle skills.

to compare this principle to people:
if the gamification bank is empty, the person is "not in the mood" to
engage the reward skills. to do so person would need to have grind skills engaged.

kind of like postponing cleaning a room to after watching a movie.