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descriptiontranslator skills 1st example Emptytranslator skills 1st example



public class DiGhettoTranslator extends DISkill {
    private DISkillUtils diSkillUtils = new DISkillUtils();
    private UwU uwu = new UwU();
    private Algorithm algorithm = null;
    private GhettoTranslator ghettoTranslator = new GhettoTranslator();
    private ABDLTranslator abdlTranslator = new ABDLTranslator();
    private int mode = 0;
    public DiGhettoTranslator(Kokoro kokoro) {

    public void input(String ear, String skin, String eye) {
        if (ear.isEmpty()) {
        if (ear.contains("shut up") || ear.contains("talk normal")) {
            mode = 0;
        if (ear.contains("activate black")) {
            mode = 1;
        if (ear.contains("activate pink")) {
            mode = 2;
        if (ear.contains("activate blue")) {
            mode = 3;
        // pink talk
        switch (mode) {
            case 1:
                algorithm = diSkillUtils.customizedVerbatimGorithm("translator",
                        new APSay(1, ghettoTranslator.translate(ear)));
            case 2:
                algorithm = diSkillUtils.customizedVerbatimGorithm("translator", new APSay(1, uwu.convertToUwU(ear)));
            case 3:
                algorithm = diSkillUtils.customizedVerbatimGorithm("translator",
                        new APSay(1, abdlTranslator.translatePlusUwU(ear)));
                algorithm = diSkillUtils.customizedVerbatimGorithm("translator", new APVerbatim(ear));


    public void output(Neuron noiron) {
        if (algorithm != null) {
            algorithm = null;

this skill is to be placed in a chobit placed last in the Brain class c'tor.
we have 3 fun modes her to translate the waifubots output :
ghetto talk, baby talk, and UwU

descriptiontranslator skills 1st example EmptyRe: translator skills 1st example

init code snippet (from main activity)

chii = ChobitV2(Personality1(SharedPrefDB(this)))
tts = TextToSpeech(this, this)
val translatorChobit:ChobitV2 = ChobitV2(PersonalityTranslator(SharedPrefDB(this)))
brain = Brain(cerabellumV2!!,chii!!,translatorChobit)

the translation chobit modifies the output of the upper chobits, thus acting as a translator or
output modifier inside the brain class which daisy chains chobits, preferably 2 or 3 chobits overall
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