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the LivinGrimoire Artificial General Intelligence software design pattern forum

descriptionbuilder of forums walkthrough Emptybuilder of forums walkthrough

register a domain name you want (a URL) at
search .com godaddy 2019 coupon for discount coupon

register a host server.
choose baby plan.
type the domain you bought or already own + check add ons you want for your site.:morph:


connect your domain name to the host server :
sign in, +domain, click launch, from the email sent by
the host server : copy paste the 1st server name and 2nd server name to
the godaddy in custom, enter custom nameservers. and click save.


install script on server :

open the hostgator control panel link (also in the email they sent you)
log in with the server user name and pass (also in the email they sent you)

scroll down to software and services, quick install, scroll to forum software,
myBB, continue, insert your domain name, check enable auto upgrades, install now.

the forums control panel will be at yourdomain/admin/

if your host server doesnt offer myBB :
install myBB :


change the logo : the logo you want as logo.png,
yourdomain/cpanel : log with server user pass, go to file manager, images, delete logo.gif
click upload, upload logo.png. :getsome:

builder of forums walkthrough 31iph4

descriptionbuilder of forums walkthrough Emptyalter rout

get host and url from HostGator baby plan
go to control panel, quick install, install myBB.

to FTP files, like images and smilies for your forum :

in a folder type the url :


all of which you get in the HostGator email after you pay. :...: :...: :...:

descriptionbuilder of forums walkthrough Emptyxenforo forum site

step 1 you need a domain and host (with cPanel like hostgator from there you can add a DB for the forum)

to change hostgator landing page :
Here is the easiest way to change the home page:
Go to your control panel and open the File Manager
Go inside the folder where you find default.html
Create a New File
Name the new file index.html
Whatever you put inside the index.html file will be your new home page.
If you still see the default page, try refreshing (reloading) your site.


adding cloudflare to the site :

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