tools : alan keys, cable cutters, crank puler, 6" + 8" adjustable wrench, pliers or spoke wrench
air pump (also found free at gas stations), bicycle chain tool and chain pins

wheel truing : sit bicycle upside down, spin the wheel, if it chafs or is too close to a brake pad than : twist the spoke nipple till
that region of the wheel is centered between the brake pads

adjusting brakes : at the start of the brake or gear wire there is a rotatable piece, use it to adjust brake handle's press size
you perform. if the brake pads are toed in or out centwer them with a philips screw.

flat tire repair : use two short wide flat metal pieces to remove the tire and inner tube. remove shards from tire, place new
inner tube in tire, inflate a bit and manualy return tire with tube in it, the final tire part can be inserted with the prev two metal
pieces. the inner tube can also be fixed : locate hole by inflating tube and putting it in water, use special bicycle tire tube sticker or
seal kit. note only inner tube is to be inflated.

chain maintenance : once a season : open chain with chain tool by removing a pin, soak chain in degreaser or wash
in hot water (not boiling), reassemble with new pin and chain tool, use tool's back to cut new pin's access.
lube chain from inner and outer side, and inside , wipe of exess lube, use dry lube for urban areas or wet lube for
muddy area.
note if you use a new chain on an old casset problems will happen, same goes for new casset and old chain

handle bar : when tightening the top handle bar screw don't use too much force or it wheel detach

cleaning : spray with water but never at a 90 degrees angle