the walkthrough may vary for different countries and other variables

1 basic information to take with you :
emergency numbers, embassy adress and phone
basic items to take with you :
get all your documents scanned (visas, e-tickets, passports) and keep copies with friends and

a compass and maps (city and transport information) this you can also get at train stations
and hotels.

2 a passport : here is an example of getting it :
from the Ministry of Interior (Population Registry) get a passport (you need : ID,
2 passport pics, an application form (can be gotten online or at the ministery of
interior). you will need to get a new passport if it's pages are all stamped or
after 10 years or so, you will need to update it via Population Registry. while
abroad there are tourist information centers (also in hotels) that can explain
how to get on factory tours, company data, phone numbers...

if you lose your passport abroad :
1.if you think you will miss your flight Report the problem to your airline.
2.1.remember the document you copied? they will help you in the following :
Report to the police and get a police report.
2.2.if your money was stolen you could ask a friend to wire you via western union
(in the post office). you might need about 60$ for the embassy to reissue you a temporary
passport and stuff.
3.Visit your country's embassy or consulate and get help (a new or temporary passport to
return to your country).

3 visa :
the visa is a recommendation made by the consulate to the immigration office and gives the
specific status of work ,residence, travel etc.
a visa, which is issued, by the embassy or consulate, of the destenation country (in
the traveler's country) shown with a passport quarentees the recipient entry to the
country for a set amount of time. some countries have bilateral agreements, so that
they do not require a visa to be issued for travel and to stay there for a set amount
of time without a visa.

4 weather adapted cloth :

there are specialty shops that sell adapted clothing for example: for skiing.

5 helpfull travel items :

in the post office you can get :
an international sim card, or you can buy a local sim card for travelers (from abroad).
ask if the card would work in the destination.

disposable credit card.

6 flight :

the flight ticket is purchased from an airline company (in the airport or via
a website or a branch store) or via a travel agency. nowadays you have your
passport function as a ticket.

some destinations require 2 flights, the 2nd flight is called a flight connection.
you want to leave plenty of time between the flights (4 - 6h and pay attention to
time differences) and the flight connection(if are), and book the return flights
with the onward flights at any case.

as I understand : Airlines, generally don't assume responsibility for missed
connections on two separate airline company tickets.

if you missed the flight connection through no fault of your own, the airline should
rebook you on the next flight, which, if it takes off much later, you may be companseted
for meals or accommodations, unless the delay was caused by weather (in this case you
might not be companseted for meals or accommodations, only for the flight).

check in : this is the acquiring of a boarding pass from the airline, which is the
permission to board the airplane for a particular flight, it identifies the passenger
, departure time, and flight number.
__option A : buy the ticket online (this is called an e-ticket) then check in online
and print the boarding pass or have it sent to your email or smart phone as an SMS
(some screen capture the pass and display the picture with the smart phone as the
boarding pass). there are also apps that do this and display the boarding pass.

__option B : buy a paper airline ticket, you will get your boarding pass in the airport
when you enter your airline's check in from a clerk or print it from a self service kiosk
at the airport, and the 2 documents will be required to be attached.
boarding passes are issued about 24 hours before theire flight.

Baggage Claim : you take very small baggage with you the rest you leave at check in and
collect it after each flight. if you can not find your luggage wait then report it in the
check in.

flying stand by : if you have want to change to an earlyer flight : in the check in
request stand by, then if seats are available.

7 the travel :
if you search : country name travel guide you can find detailed
explanations about travel locations and how to get there, also you get such info
from hotels and the tourist information center, which may be found also in the airport.

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