as it's name implies, this skill lets the programmer bundle multiple skills together.
DiSkillBundle or a subclass of it can be used.


       Brain b1 = new Brain();
        DiSkillBundle dsb = new DiSkillBundle();
        dsb.addSkill(new DiHelloWorld());
        dsb.addSkill(new DiTime());

bundling skills together has several merits:

better readability
  • faster skill equiping(several at once)
  • combined with a SkillBranch, a bundle of skills can mutate together into other skills,
    or skill bundles. this also means enablement of burst modes in which every microsecond counts,
    and the bundle can use a skill branch to mutate into a bundle of a few essential skills.
  • creation of new skills.
  • it is a little bit faster than unbundled skills, because on activation of an algorithm
    the bundle skips to the stage of sending out the Algorithm.
  • organizing skill sets into bundles means cleaner and more readable code.