DiGamificationSkillBundle dsb = new DiGamificationSkillBundle();
        dsb.addGrindSkill(new DiHelloWorld());
        dsb.addCostlySkill(new DiTime());
        b1.logicChobit.addSkill(new DiGamificationScouter(dsb.getAxGamification()));

DiGamificationScouter reads the gamification bank component of a gamified skill bundle.

so if I ask her "how are you" she will be in a neutral mood,
meaning costly skills (DiTime in the above code example) won't do anything.

if you engage with the grind skills, the gamification reserve is filled up and
asking her "how are you" will indicate a better mode, meaning costly skills can
now be engaged, so long as there is enough charge stored up in the gamification reservem
based on how much grind skills were engaged.

it would make sense to say people's brains also work like this.

other logic can be used to override the DiGamificationScouter's input method.