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the LivinGrimoire Artificial General Intelligence software design pattern forum

descriptionDIWeather skill EmptyDIWeather skill

demo :

added classes :
DIWeather // the skill
APVerbatim // says all sent sentences one by one

added permission :
internet permission (see in android manifest file)

weather : returns weather  using rest API
weather city : returns same thing but for specified city

todo(next upgrade) : get coordinates from GPS
todo : get more TTS files for this skill


descriptionDIWeather skill EmptyRe: DIWeather skill

I updated the skill to process GPS data so she can now answer
where am I
this opens the door to a myriad of location based skills.

updated :
the main activity to get GPS info
the manifest with GPS permissions
added a Tokoro class (java) to staticky hold GPS info : lat Lon and place name

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