script generations seems to actually be a numbers game. this brain blast came to me while watching hello kitty of all things.
they dumbed it down so much that the alg was there all naked for me to see.

you have about 10 to 20 scenes per episode and 12 episodes per story usually.
a scene is just a plot outlined and dressed with the stories themes
the plots you use are of 3 possible kinds :

1 the main plot : this will resurface across the other plots.
2 character related plots
3 story map plots

a saga occurred when you switch the plot.

the plots are sorted according to the defcon levels and the janra.
there are also special plot devices. for example :

the living tribunal is a plot device used when one builds a character to powerful to be stopped
time travel also

we see a plot multiplayer in attack on titan : the closed time loop used when eren accessed zekes memories
at that point he changed most of the story line to the one we have seen to that point, but when he thanked zeke for the access
we can deduce there was an original story line that was modified.