setup time: last part of prev production, till first good part of current production.
operator cycle time: full production time div number of workpieces.

1.1 clean swarf, (if needed) remove holding devices(clamps)
1.2 remove unneeded cutting tools
1.3 power on control panel, power on machine(to power off first machine then control panel)
1.4 allign new clamps x,y axis to spindle x,y with dial indicator maintaining a constant degree
1.5delete previous cnc program
2 assemble:
2.1 mount holding device (clamp) and align with dial indicator
2.2 assign program zero:
place edge finder on spindle to get x y of zero point according to work sheet.
get z by placing 3inch block on workpiece touch spindle nose to block, add 3 inches to current z
2.3 cutting tools assembly & measurements length, radius which are tool offsets
2.4 before first run increase tool length (by 0.010) for tools to do everything but holes (like pockets), same goes for radius.
2.5 enter offsets, load cnc program with dnc(distributive numerical control)
2.6 varify cnc program and save:
with proven programs go to cycle start
rapid traverse overide - slows program at varification
at first run : activate without workpiece
at second run : activate single step and dry run, then press cycle start after each tool (m01)
at 3rd run: activate single step, rapid overide 10%
cycle start button to start or resume.
make shure the spindle spins BEFORE contacting the work piece, keep finger ready on feed hold button.
if hear ominouse sound you sould use panic button.
the reset key: undo program changes after input, stops process, negates alarm
measurments 1st piece now or every 30 pieces, adjust offsets see get tolerance.

*from sheet talk to setup person
1 load workpiece (metal casting)
2 start cycle, watch out for tool wea/break

3 replace dull tools
4enter new offsets
5 lub machine

x = +n1,-n2 maximun, minimum dimensions
tolerance band = (n1 +|N2|)/2
mean value = x + n1 -(n1 +|N2|)/2
format x=+-n1 is x =+n1,-n1
measure completed workpiece:
if sizes are bigger than corresponding mean value : increase tools offset
if sizes are smaller than corresponding mean value : decrease tools offset

cheats :
MDI, 1 lined gcodes typed on the machine's controlto do stuff :
S speed of spindle(drill), example S 1800
M03- clockwise spin
M04- ccw spin
M05- spindle off
M07- mist coolant on
M08- coolant on
M09 coolant off
T15- ready tool 15
m06-tool change
M60 auto pallet change
check your machine manual for its unique codes

metal also come in sheets which are simpleaand cheap to cut, drill and fold using any basic drills or saws.