about the programmer that created the living grimoire : Moti Barski, Battle programmer.

I moti barski do not allow anyone and or anybody and or any organization to
receive monetary profit from this living grimoire unless writtenly approved by me personally.
you can use this for research.

name of the software : living grimoire : LG for short
what it is : an A.G.I platform.

intro :

how could coders have been coding this way for so long ?
they get some lame project, and they gotta start all over again building from scratch :

menues, the basics, rethink the algorithms and how to fit them into the small and big picture.
no matter how many projects you finished, with each project you would have to start over.

over time you would remember the main thinking patterns for solving puzzles BUT !,
codes and mini algorithms, there is no way to remember all of that.
you try to keep up to date with the latest codes and walkthroughs to no avail as
they expire you forget them and have to search for them again.
with doing the above you waste so much time that by the time you finish, the codes
you learnt are obsolete, in other words you are chasing rainbows.

like a carpet being pulled from under you, you gotta now readdapt your algs and codes
all over again to the new project.

even with design patterns many coders find that they need to adapt to them rather the other

here it is different, it is truely amazing !

with this new way, battle programming, you are in a 7 star hotel in the buffet
and all you have to do is pick the skills you want and need for your project.

then assemble said skills with just one line of code per skill.
next, you can enjoy a nice anime or bike ride, cause your project is done.


method of operation overview: the LG can absorb skills and use them

what is a skill ?
a skill cosists of 2 factors : a summoner and actions.

summoner (referred to as a Dclass (a class whos name starts with D)):
input passing through a DClass can trigger the summoning of an algorithm
with actual time OR ear, eye, and other types of input as a string.

what is an algorithm ? a combination of alg parts

what is an alg part ?
an alg part is an action. an alg part class name starts with AP.
at each think cycle said action does one thing.

example DSayer class :


import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.regex.Matcher;
import java.util.regex.Pattern;

import PKGsystemClasses.APSay;
import PKGsystemClasses.AbsAlgPart;
import PKGsystemClasses.Algorithm;
import PKGsystemClasses.Neuron;
import PKGsystemClasses.Neuronable;

public class DSayer extends AbsCmdReq implements Neuronable {
 private int times;
 private String param;

 public DSayer() {
 this.times = 1;
 this.param = "";

 public static String regexChecker(String theRegex, String str2Check) {
 Pattern checkRegex = Pattern.compile(theRegex);
 Matcher regexMatcher = checkRegex.matcher(str2Check);
 while (regexMatcher.find()) {
 if (regexMatcher.group().length() != 0) {
 return regexMatcher.group().trim();
 return "";

 public void input(String command) {
 int foo = 1;
 String myString = regexChecker("(\\d+)(?= times)", command);
 String toSay = regexChecker("(?<=say)(.*)(?=\\d)", command);
 if (myString != "") {
 foo = Integer.parseInt(myString);
 } else {
 toSay = regexChecker("(?<=say)(.*)", command);
 this.param = toSay;
 this.times = foo;

 public void output(Neuron noiron) {
 // TODO Auto-generated method stub
 if (!param.isEmpty()) {
 AbsAlgPart itte = new APSay(this.times, this.param);
 String representation = "say " + param;
 if (this.times > 1) {
 representation += " " + this.times + " times";
 ArrayList<AbsAlgPart> algParts1 = new ArrayList<>();
 Algorithm algorithm = new Algorithm("say", representation, algParts1);


example APclass :


/* it speaks something x times
 * a most basic skill.
 * also fun to make the chobit say what you want
 * */
public class APSay extends AbsAlgPart {
    protected String param;
    private int at;

    public APSay(int at, String param) {
        if (at > 10) {
            at = 10;
        this.at = at;
        this.param = param;

    public String action(String input) {
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub
        String axnStr = "";
        if (this.at > 0) {
            if (!input.equalsIgnoreCase(param)) {
                axnStr = param;
        return axnStr;

    public enumFail failure(String input) {
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub
        return enumFail.ok;

    public Boolean completed() {
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub
        return at < 1;

    public AbsAlgPart clone() {
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub
        return new APSay(this.at, this.param);

 public Boolean itemize() {
 // TODO add logic
 // at home
 return true;

the Dclass has to have : extends AbsCmdReq implements Neuronable
in this case upon the input : say x y times
it will generat an algorithm with one alg part (APSay) and send it to the noiron.

the APclass extends AbsAlgPart. here it simply says x within each cycle.
it also uses a custom marker I added (at) to remember how many times it happend
so as to stop after y times.

permission levels :
after you've built your skill you need to place the Dclass into the Chobit class c'tor methode
as such :


public Chobit() {
 noiron = new Neuron();
 this.inner = new InnerClass(); // sleep var
 DAlarmer dAlarmer = new DAlarmer();
 // add a skill here, only 1 line needed !!!
 dClassesLv1.add(new Detective(fusion));
 dClassesLv1.add(new DJirachi());
 dClassesLv1.add(new DIAutomatic(kokoro, master));
 dClassesLv1.add(new DHungry());
 dClassesLv1.add(new DRules((new APSleep(24)), inner));
 dClassesLv1.add(new DSpeller());
 dClassesLv1.add(new DCalculatorV1());
 dClassesLv2.add(new DSayer());
 dClassesLv3.add(new DDirtyTalker());
 // dClassesLv3.add(new DIMommyGf(kokoro, this.master));
 dClassesLv3.add(new DIJirachi(master, kokoro));

lv1 : will run anyways
lv2 : requires lv1 permission : chobit name + input, for example :
chii say hi.
lv3 requires lv2 permission : chobit lv2 name + input, for example :
liron kiss me.
skills that engage by time triggers are defind as automatic if they are lv1 or higher


package chobit;
public abstract class AbsCmdReq implements Neuronable {
 // handle the input per Dclass (a class whose name starts with D)
 public abstract void input(String ear, String skin, String eye);

 public Boolean auto() {
 // does this skill also engage by time triggers ? is it also a level > 1 type of
 // skill ? if yes
 // override me and return true;
 return false;

you simply add them as any other lv1 or 2 skill and they are automatically added to the auto skill list
in addition. this way they can be accessed by the user and by time to engage, but still restrict access to
any other person who wants to use the skill.

the DAlarmer is an example of such a skill. only the user can set an alarm, and the alarm is triggered by time
but no one else can set an alarm.

the lv2 name will be known only to the owner, while her lv1 name is her public
name used by friends and owner.

of course don't forget to declare the Dclass variable within the chobit class.

unique features:

female titan : fusion of algorithms :

the LG remembers how long an alg run time is. and so short enough algs can pause
a running much longer alg, run themselfs, then resume the big alg(time wize).
you can add custom logic to this if needed via the :
fuze(){} in the Fusion class.

armored titan : ability to mutate an alg part.

refer to the APFilth1 and 2 classes as an exampled implementation of this.
said moan classes dont do much they simply output a moan string.

APFilth1 sends an enumFail.fail (action function)if no input is received x number of times :
in other words the user isn't enjoying this moan set.

and so the mutation causes the AP to be replaced by a newly generated AP from here :

make sure all the APs in the set have the same name + different number AND overide the getMutationLimit methode
within each of those AP classes of your mutation set, to the number of mutations the AP can have before the alg is rendered inActive.


if (failureCounter > 1) {

megata titan : dormant algorithms and its revival.
refer to DAlarmer and APCldAlarm for an example of an alarm clock using
this ability.
each Mcode or item has an equip algorithm (get the item, or declare it is equiped for
virtual items or do nothing)

an AP class as such uses a cloudian object and should be named with APCldSomething.


extras :

the emot function of the chobit class links the AP running to an emotion
so this should be linked to graphics.

refer to classes javadoc for more info.

ideally the A.G.I shoulld be running offline, so preffer local device databases
over online ones, to keep the A.G.I "enjoyable".


examples of skills that need to be added :

auto programming : given task, outputs code project

titam level skill (war hammer titan): go home : when on stand by (finished doing stuff) and
outside, go home but 1st collect items used. fix or upgrade part of item.

add vision input compatibility : visual data -> to string, add eye field to Dclasses
and handle at AP classes. this fields can carry touch and other data strings.

limitless options really.


currently available conjurations :

copyrights moti barski

AP classes : extend the AbsAlgPart
those classes encapsulate the actual action or skill
APCuss : will cuss using the same word while the cause of the cuss is detected

APDirtyTalk : dirty talks with the user
conjuratis : "ok next" finishes the AP
c'tor : APDirtyTalk(Hashtable<String, String> hashtable)
gets a dirty talk DB as a dictionary. *that must start with "start"
further dev recommended : output filter : I U we they convert to U I and so on
advanced ver will learn new scripts, using vision and other techniques

APMoan : this is the moaning stage that comes after the dirty talk forplay AP in the algorithm.
a rather primitive moan system with preset moans :
moan0 to 2 = default moans, IMoan1 to 3 = moans when doll moved
thank you moan : finisher groan
private void playMoan(String input) {
is responsible for working the moan * could do this async

APSay : say x, y times

APSleep0 : sleeps : activates the private void sleep of the chobit class

APSleep : simulates sleep, until wake time or special wake input was inputed
*such input must undergo translation (noise = "wake up")and an if code line in the action function.

APSpell : can activate without permission(chobit name or hidden name)
such as telling times

D classes : extends the AbsCmdReq

this classes summon the AP classes using conjuratis(regex)

DDirtyTalker : dirty talk *
replace * with fuck
or program more options instead of *

Detective : this is a special DClass it doesn't use conjuratis
it is triggered by danger and negativity :
repeated input
too much requests
need to add : damage : body, friends, property, * time(cerabellum time out)

DPermitter : checks for the chobit name or lv 2 name before sending
a request to the other Dclasses.
sexy classes would require lv2 name
conjuratis :
change pass : oldPass new password newPassword change lv1 name :
pass your name is newName change lv2 name : pass you are newName

DRules : scheduled continuoes sync actions
contains sleep summon triggered by time

DSayer : says stuff
say x # times or say x

chobit : see class

soul skills :


classes :