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 using macOS noob friendly walkthrough

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Moti Barski


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PostSubject: using macOS noob friendly walkthrough   Tue Nov 06, 2018 9:36 pm

1 tool strip, apple, choose about this mac, to see OS and machine data.
2 shut down :Press the power button for approximately two seconds and then click the
Shut Down button in the Are You Sure You Want to Shut Down Your
Computer Now? dialog



3 right click :  tap the trackpad with two fingers without
holding down the Control key.or use an apple magic mouse

4 Wiggle (or jiggle) the mouse to make it bigger, it will return normal when you stop

5  Shift + flower key +?, opens Help

6 app-switching shortcut flower key +Tab

7 finder :
is the program that creates the desktop, keeps track of your files and
folders, and is always running. It’s where you manage files, store documents,
launch programs, and much more.

8 scroll :  swipe the trackpad with two fingers to scroll

flowerKey = command key
9.1 New Finder Window (flowerKey+N)
9.2 Open (flowerKey+N): Opens the selected item
9.3 Close Window (flowerKey+N): Closes the active window.
9.4 Minimize (flowerKey+M)
9.5 Cycle through Windows (flowerKey+->|)
9.6 Show Previous Tab (Control+Shift+Tab)
9.7 Show Next Tab (Control+Tab):
9.8 apple symbol + Force Quit:
Use this option only in emergencies. What’s an emergency?
Use it when an application becomes recalcitrant or otherwise misbehaves
or refuses to quit when you say Quit

the dock items:


Siri Your voice-driven intelligent assistant
Safari A web browser

use emojis in texts : command + control + space
Mail An email program
Contacts A contact manager application
Calendar Apple calendar program
Notes A program for making notes
Reminders A to-do list and reminder application
Maps A program with maps and driving directions
Photos A program for managing and editing photographs
Messages A program for sending and receiving text and multimedia messages as
well as transferring files to and from and remotely controlling other Macs

FaceTime A video chat program
iTunes An audio and video player and iPod manager (part of the iLife package
and the only one of its apps that’s free)
iBooks Where you buy and read books from Apple
Mac App Store Where you buy Mac apps from Apple
downloads : A folder that contains files downloaded by Safari or Mail
Trash Where you drag files and folders to delete them, or drag removable media to eject to

to delete an item : choose File, Move to Trash or press
cmdKey +Delete (cmdKey+Backspace on some keyboards).cmdKey+z to cancel
in the trash : cmdKey +Delete to restore item to its original place.
shift + cmdKey + Delete to empty trash

10 the dock

open dock app menu : control + click or long click
to add icons drag and drop. you can also do this with URLs from safari (drag the
icon next to the url)

you can mod the dock : apple,  System Preferences and then click the dock icon.

11 finder :
toggle view buttons :

create an allias(item shortcut) :
Click the parent icon and choose File , Make Alias or cmdBtn + L
cmdBtn + R : get alias parent

cmdBtn + 3 or 4 toggle different file views
Hide Finder cmdBtn + H
Hide non active windows option + cmdBtn + H

12 system preferences :
apple, sys pref or from its app.
cmdKey+Q to quit

13 to add widgets to your desktop : dock : launchpad(displays all your apps), DashBoard
OR fn + f12 (toggles out as well)

DL 3rd party widgets :

To uninstall a third-party widget, open the Widget Selection Screen and click the
red minus sign next to its name

14 sharing files with a win 10 pc :
on the win : right click a folder, properties, enable sharing and name it
on the mac : finder, shared : you should see your win pc name click it,
fill in its username and pass, now you should also see the shared folders


sp cmds :

Open the Microsoft Word document I worked on yesterday
Remind me to take the pizza out of the oven in 14 minutes
Add a meeting to my calendar at 11 a.m. tomorrow with Dr. hadouken
Call Jacob LeVitus with FaceTime
Call me ‘Your Highness
Who am I
What song is this?
Send a message to chun li to reschedule dinner tomorrow
need directions to x
Wake me up at 8:30 in the morning
What is trending on Twitter
Will I need an umbrella this weekend ( Siri will grok
that you’re looking for a weather forecast)
Remind me to call zordon at 8 p.m

you can summon Siri in three easy ways: Click its dock or menu bar
icon (shown in the margin), or use its keyboard shortcut: Press and hold down

manage siri : apple, sys pref, siri


MB over and out _______________________     
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using macOS noob friendly walkthrough
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