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descriptionlaptop repair series Emptylaptop repair series

removing laptop dvd drive :

unscrew from the bottom of the laptop and dislodge it from the side, sometimes you
need to also insert a pin into the dvd pin hole to dislodge it.

descriptionlaptop repair series Emptylaptop post 2

removing laptop harddrive or RAM

unscrew from the bottom of the laptop and it becomes dislodgable

descriptionlaptop repair series Emptylaptop power

there is lead in solder, a somewhat hazardous material.
don’t rub lead in your eyes or eat it, wash your hands if you are handling solder.

the laptop powers on only sometimes, even after replacing the battery :
the problem may be a loose dc adaptor (on the motherboard where the power cable plugs)
a soldering kit (solder, a 15watt soldering iron, wire, wire cutters, third hand) can be used
to additional solder with a wire the dc adaptor to the motherboard.
or the motherboard can be replaced.


descriptionlaptop repair series Emptykeyboard change

how to remove laptop keyboard

take out the battery, the now visible screws (underneath the panel that is above the keyboard)
remove the panel above the keyboard.
press the keyboard's ribon connector on it's sides.

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