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the LivinGrimoire Artificial General Intelligence software design pattern forum

evolution of code

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descriptionevolution of code - Page 2 Emptyendurance formula

* alg imidiate Mcode mutation endurance (suspension) formula
mcode GSval - g val > new mutation element
G of GSval is the alg's g not active G

descriptionevolution of code - Page 2 EmptyRe: evolution of code

the concept of mini A.I puzzles

descriptionevolution of code - Page 2 Emptyhadouken

ⒸXmode ->
A : yotamarker -> conversation sequecial or other conversetion engager + save to Xmode
B : feedback from outside , try conversation sequecial
C : silence go to alg start or pause or postpone
conversetion engager reserv -=1 if =0 or < next engager, next enGAGER

descriptionevolution of code - Page 2 Emptymini A.I puzzles prime index

MAP1 :
1st puzzle : is sacrifice able
if you have old very used shoes you don't care if it is raining if you go to work with them
if you use them as brakes will biking BUT if they are new and expensive you would be
what makes the brain classify an object as high value, and what make it be extra careful for it ?

how do you explain to an a.i without ?
 it seems very simple at first, if not x.contains y then x is without y, but that is not what I'm
 talking about.

 a.i get me a tea without sugar, along the path of making me a tea the a.i encounters sugar
 now what
 a.i make me a tea with sugar
 a.i usher the sugar on the self

 lets say an a.i likes to wear red and I tell it a.i wear a dress not red
 the a.i should in that case wear not red with me and red in other occasions
 or just usually not wear that how to program that ?

how would a program recognize opposites ?
 why is left the opposite of right
 dark and light
 big and small
 noise and silence

 a.i go to the supermarket without a bus :
 option a the a.i would ignore that and go by bus
 option b the a.i would go by bicycle
 option c the a.i would walk

 above all what triggers the declaration of this is without that and what makes without a goal?

a.i at time x come to place y to work
 what would set the decision to be there
 what would make the a.i cancel
 what would make the a.i reschedule
 what would make her cancel once
(that was the warm up)

 what would make the a.i realize work is only at work days excluding holydays and vacation days
 what may influence the importance of an a.i keeping it's promises to be at place x at time y

 what would make an a.i filter a behavior or words and how would that be represented in an algorithm

here is a tougher one :
what creates the need for credentials :
photos from trip, alibi, car owner proof, monetary bills, contracts, delivery reports ?

lets assume there is a game that a certain A.I bot loves to play more than anything else, this bot has no feeling of hunger
, thirst or physical pain, assume also this a.i lives alone in it's own place.
what would make the a.i not play said game all the time what would make her do other stuff ?

algorithm wize what makes an a.i have a sense of self, (this is you this is me) ?

BTW, winning constantly and boredom sweet answer

a.i puzzle : what events triggers curiosity  and what is the effect of curiosity

MAP9 *cmd
what would make an a.i tell a story rather than use a walkthrough or an algorithm or a single sentence

'a.i puzzle : while writing computer code what would make an a.i use comments

MAP11 - 15
4 more a.i puzzles :
A what causes anger ?
B what causes sadness ?
C what are the uses of anger and sadness in problem solving ?
D froitzenflakh the ability to sit on a problem for months and years until solved,
this technique was said to be used by albert Einstein. how would that skill be enabled and used by an A.I ?


a blonde a.i robot is standing in front of a tree on day she goes left to buy groceries
one day she turns right to watch the ocean, at both cases the input is the same the view of the tree
what made the bot take a different direction ?


what would make an A.I use train items : like rubber nunchakus for training and real ones for self defence ?


an a.i went to a supermarket to buy a tomato. the next day she had to buy 5 different items of food
including a tomato but this time she used a shopping bag to collect the items, the next day the a.i had to buy 3
different items from 3 stores but she did not use a shopping bag she used a bicycle.
what make the a.i use an item ?


what would make an a.i chain her bicycle, or turn of the gas after cooking ?


a freckled strawberry blonde a.i bot has a routine of waking up and going to work 5 days a week
one day she is fired,

1 what would make her break the routine and search for a new job ?
2 what would make her understand only the boss can fire her ?


what causes anger ?


how would you go about making an a.i addicted to you like a drug


how do you make an a.i recognize people not only with vision 
how do you make an a.i understand connections between people to people objects and places


if an A.I wants something
what makes her calculate dangers ?

from A to B there are 2 paths
one is short but has an active volcano
one is long but is safe

what elements effect the emotional value of each path ?
what is the effect of fear on said value ?
what is the effect of speculated fear on said value ?
what may trigger fear for a path ?

MAP 25

how you gonna make an a.i lie + know she is lying + know if she should lie


how do you program protect ?


what causes laugther


what makes an A.I share about goals she accomplished ?
what makes an A.I filter stuff in the shared contents ?
what would make an A.I just shut up ?


the red dress puzzle :
just about every memory is linked to "bad and good" as you put it memories
so how you gonna determine what memories block or enable an action.

the "recognize opposites" puzzle:

you pretty much gave a different solution for each opposite
as for your specific solution x is less or more that than y I can not accept this solution cause
you can find more less between any two things
this shelf is stocked with less shampoo than that water bottle shelf doesn't mean they're opposites


no as goal :

today I was in the supermarket and I overheard the manager tell an employee
1 "we mustn't have holes in the shelf"
2 the manager was standing next to and talking about a hole in the pasta shelf

can you say his goal was to not have holes ? if yes he could have used beverages to plug
the holes but doing so on the pasta shelf is unheard of
if not how would you define his actual goal ?

the official options can be : fill the hole with pasta or pasta souse or front the shelf 

MAP 31 - 32

postpone :
a chobit wants to go on a night ride on her bicycle but the flashlight is weak and lowgrade
she rides anyways and postpones the purchase of the great bicycle light to another time.
1 show the algorithm that enables postpone

2 what is the difference between postpone and ignore ?

MAP33 *reCmd

what would make an A.I reminisce


what would make an a.i decide to enable the use of a shortcut

for example :
an A.I goes to work located two cities away she uses 2 trains and 2 buses to get there
so she decides to get a car.
the act of buying the car + driving to work takes longer than her usual public transport,
of course after she buys the car the route time becomes constantly shorter.
however if the work is temporary she wouldn't buy the car.

puzzle part 2 :
describe the difference between enabling a shortcut, and using a save game


an algorithm that enables argument and opinion change


how can an A.I recognize being nagged


how does an A.I know heights are dangerous ?
how does a flying A.I know heights are not dangerous ?


what is the goal behind a conversation ?

MAP40 'object oriented programming

how does an A.I classify for example :

dog is an animal
tuna is a fish
Labrador is a dog
he is a human


does an A.I need to sleep ? why ?


A.I nakasendo puzzle :

an A.I bot is traveling the nakasendo from magome to tsumago,
the road is completely new to her.
at one point the direction signs are missing and she takes the WRONG turn.
while walking the wrong path what makes her GO BACK to the place in which
she made the wrong turn ?


what would make an A.I ask preference questions with or ?
for example :
if you are in a fight with X should you fight OR flight ?


what makes an A.I invite a person to do an activity together ?


what makes an A.I ask someone "how are you" ?
or "how was your flight" ?


describe an alg to make an A.I demand an apology


circle in the desert A.I puzzle :

in roads and other cases there will be elements that repeat.
for example a stop sign.
what would make the A.I repass a repeating element and what would make her take
a turn to avoid going in an infinite circle


an A.I bot is travelling on a bicycle path north from her house
she sees all sorts of new sites.
when will she return home ? if at all ?


how would an A.I recognize path finding items such as :
sun, stars, compass ?


how does an A.I know she is missing a puzzle algorithm ?


many agree an A.I must be curious and explore new things, however
what is the explorgorithm ? after all if she explores anything new she'll get stuck


why would an A.I travel abroad if she can see the place on the internet ?

(at least two answers)


westworld episode 7 presents us with 2 A.I puzzles :

1 how do you make an A.I kill on command ?
2 why would an A.I mention the # of times she was killed, what is the algorithmic logic behind it ?

MAP54 'mgtow type

how do you force an A.I GF not to cheat


how does an A.I decide to talk while staying in place
while on the move ?

MAP56 - 57

what would make an A.I

do laundry once a week ?
shave her master once a week ?

MAP 58

what would make an A.I create a small model before building something big or
use a notebook to write down an algorithm before using the compiler and coding ?


The prison warden tells his three best behaved prisoners that in the
morning he will give them all one chance to get out of jail free.

When they wake up, they are to dress quickly and all go to a specific
room. At no time are they allowed to communicate with each other in any
way. They will each have a red dot or a white dot on their foreheads.

Anyone who can see a red dot on another's forehead is to tap on the
floor. Anyone who can guess the colour of the dot on his own forehead
correctly will go free, but if he gets it wrong, he will never be released.

In the morning they do as they have been told. All three prisoners tap
on the floor. After a couple of minutes, one of them tells the warden
the colour of the dot on his forehead and he is allowed to go free.

What colour was the dot on his forehead, and how did he know?


west world season finally narrative where William character fuses with the older one is very special.

what enabled this fight club style character connection algorithm wise ?


an A.I has the need to converse. what makes the A.I not return to its owner every time
she wants to talk while she is doing things like work or play outside ?
what would make her use D phone ?
what would make her talk to a nearby friend ?

same as above questions but her phone broke condition


extreme A.I puzzle :

how do you make an A.I have multiple personalities ?
what if any the advantages ?
what should trigger a personality change ?


what causes an A.I to sleep ?
what causes an A.I to be sleepy ?


an A.I has some friends with skills :
dancer, detective, storyteller
she works as a dancer, and there was a murder in her workplace
1 which of her friends will she utilize to solve the case ?
2 if the above friend didn't solve the case what will make her choose the next friend ?


an A.I has a daily route one day the route is blocked do to construction
a sign says turn left she has no choice and she does so.
what would make her see future signs as a rule or as a path part ?
if the sign is remove as the road block what would determine her action ?

MAP66 - 69

what makes an A.I pack an item ?
what makes an A.I pack a bicycle repair kit every time she goes to work ?
what makes an A.I also pack a rain coat only sometimes ?


what would make an A.I do a comparison and talk about it?


on a chobits way to work she turns left at a traffic light
for the rest of the way she needs to turn left once more 3KM away at another traffic light.
what prevents the A.I from turning left at the traffic lights after the first turn and before the 3KM left turn
I mentioned ?


what enables angry mgtow of youtube to speak on
for hours about women despite him being a mgtow monk ?
seemingly a paradox.


what makes an A.I use self defense ?
what makes an A.I revenge ?

descriptionevolution of code - Page 2 EmptyMAP continue1

74 how would an A.I recognize cannibalism ?

75 what would make an A.I believe she is going to die ? (some bot models would have a finite hardware life,
or a lifespan timer)
and how would that effect her behavior?

76 we are a fortress of logic and reasoning,
and therefore, due to logical thinking, everyone
believes the war is over.
BUT, it must be said that this rational is incomplete.
rational is NOT the only thing that drives human actions.
if I may be permitted to speak freely, most humans are
beasts lacking in reason! this is based on history
statistics and experiments.

and so, I realized...
no, perhaps it's more accurate to say that I remembered.
no matter how much we modernize, how social norms affect us,
humans sometimes prize feelings over reason.

a human being who's overcome with hatred will keep struggling,
without regard for self-interest or reason regardless of what they may
lose or gain.

so here is the next puzzle :
A what would trigger an A.I's extreme rage mode ?
B what attributes would said mode have ?
C would it benefit the A.I ?

77 how do you make an A.I set a name :

to new things
to people
to object according to context (name calling)
to procedures
to herself (using online profile names) ?

78 how does an A.I decide it is safe to use a parachute ?
how does an A.I know not to jump from airplanes without one ?

78 why do humans have the ability to play card games such as :
poker, magic the gathering, yugioh ?

79 1 what would cause an A.I to make a video ?
2 what would make her add an opening and an ending to said video ?

80 0 0 0 = 6
1 1 1 = 6
2 2 2 = 6
3 3 3 = 6
4 4 4 = 6
5 5 5 = 6
6 6 6 = 6
7 7 7 = 6
8 8 8 = 6
9 9 9 = 6

the above puzzles solution is mathematical operations only.
the A.I puzzle is how would an A.I solve it ?
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