I realized the LivinGrimoire can also modify its code while the program is running.

this can be used for maximizing code efficiency by rminimizing code lines per think cycle
or to manage massive amounts of skills.

LISP is a programming language that also does this.

but the LivinGrimoire is a software design pattern, so the Self Modifying Code code technique will
be usable in any programming language, and therefore on any device.

ATM the few cases I see use for this is if you want to manage a massive amount of skills, we are talking tens of thousands
on a single chobit object.

or if you are using the LG for game loops, and there are feature you want to drop as the game progresses.

there are 3 ways I can achieve this beef up:

  • an external module
  • an update to the Chobits class right before the output filter
  • a sub Chobits class