this is a half baked code I made on the fly. what it does is:

get data (as key value pair) {item, price} for example
the data is saved
the data is also saved in the format of {question, value}

this means I can get the item value as a response to a question,
for example: how much does bread cost?


package AXJava;

import LivinGrimoire.RegexUtil;

import java.util.Hashtable;

public class AXInfo {
    private Hashtable<String,String> kv = new Hashtable<>(); // key value
    private Hashtable<String,String> qv = new Hashtable<>(); // question as key to value
    public void insert(String key, String value){
        // override me
        kv.put(key, value);
        ChatBot cBot = new ChatBot(5);
        cBot.addSentence("how much does item # cost");
        qv.put(, value);
    public String getAnswer(String question){
        // override me
        ChatBot cBot = new ChatBot(5);
        cBot.addSentence("that would cost you price #");
        cBot.addSentence("the price is price #");
        cBot.addSentence("only price # $");
        cBot.addParam("price",qv.getOrDefault(question, "hmm"));
    public String gevalue(String key){
        return kv.getOrDefault(key, "i do not know");

use in main:


        AXInfo prices = new AXInfo();
        prices.insert("bread", "2");
        System.out.println(prices.getAnswer("how much does bread cost"));

its also possible to decorate the value in the getAnswer method
so instead of just 2, it can say: that would cost you 2$