Raspberri Pi walkthroughs for begginers

Raspberry Pi grimoire Screen

pdf book contents:

initial setup 4
warnings 4
Pi OS installation aka SD card flashing 5
booting the Pi 5
finding the Pi IP address 6
connecting to the Pi via SSH 6
change Pi wifi settings 9
hello world 9
LED blink program 10
push button program 12
PIR sensor 13
optimize nano configuration for python: 15
python CRUD 15
keyboard interrupt to exit infinite loop 16
run a python program on raspberry pi startup 18
send an email from a Raspberry Pi 19
enable the camera V2 module on Buster OS 23
record a video on the Raspberry Pi 24
control the camera from the python program 24
Record a video with python on Raspberry Pi 26
create a folder: 26
web server with flask 26
display an image using flask web server: 29
delete file 29
Automate Raspberry Pi application launch 29
connect remotely to a Raspberri Pi 31

extra files:
Raspberry Pi terminal cheat sheet(2 different cool designs)