Navigation :

Change input language : ctrl space
Switch active app : cmd tab
Summon spotlight search : cmd space.cmd r to open result in containing folder
Hide app windows : cmd h
close app window : cmd w
mission control (summon desktops) : ctrl up
//at this mode you can drag drop a window into a new desktop to full screen it
switch desktops : ctrl L or R
switch active app window : ctrl down
half and half full screen display for 2 windows : long click the green circle
zoom : cmd + or -

smart folder : in finder after search, click the save btn

set text replacements : sys pref, keyboard, text
revert to file version : file, revert to

customise app toolbar : right click it

uninstall an app : launch pad, long click till an x appears and click it.
if no x : search app name mac uninstall. for others go to applications folder and
drag drop it to the trash bin.

safari cookies location : safari, pref, search, manage websites

auxiliary apps :
contacts : enables emailing groups of contacts
calendar : enables sharing and importing event calendars (.ics files)
notes : manages to do lists
mark up : enables captioning resizing and more on images

summon special foreign characters : long press char
summon emojis and special characters : ctrl cmd space

screen capture : shit cmd 3 4 or 5


terminal :

cmd + space, search terminal

commands :
cd Desktop // goes to the desktop dir cd [folder]
ls // list items in the dir
tab key : auto complete commands while typing
cd .. // go one dir back
cd // go to starter dir

clear // clrscr
mkdir name // create a folder
mv [file] [dir] // cut paste file
touch filename.extention : create file
touch filename.txt // creat a text file
touch filename.txt index.html // create all sorts of files in one cmd line
mv filename.extention ../ // move file up a dir
mv filename.extention ../[existing dir name] // move file into dir
cp filename.extention foldername //: aftercp filename.extention you can drag drop the folder
into the terminal
mv filename.extention newfilename.exe // rename

cmd + k // clrscr
rm [file.extention] // remove a file
rm [file.extention] [file2.extention] [filen.extention]// removes files
rmdir [dir] // delete an empty directory
rm -R [dir] // del directory and it's contents

file vault :


this will enable encrypting your hard drive so it can not be read when the mac book is stolen and the HD is taken out.

it will take a few hours for the first encryption, and make sure not to lose your admin pass to access your hard disk or mac pass for recovery

system preference, security, file vault


MB over and out :s6: