AP : AlgParts class names should start with AP. APSay for example

D2 : DiSkillV2 (regular LvinGrimoire skill class names) should start with D2.
for example D2Parrot

D3 : DiSkillV3:DiSkillV2 which are skills whose algorithms have a priority to run
(fight or flight high priority).

D3 have more priority to run than D2 LivinGrimoire skills.
these skill classes names should start with D3.
for example : D3Detective

AX : auxiliary modules. these classes names can start with AX
for example AXLearnability

AXU: Auxiliary Modules for Upper Chobits, which are Chobit objects that process
input before it gets to a thinking chobit object.
these may include: AI pharmaceuticals, reality morph, input filtering (reality/pain),
data classification, and even AI hormones.

AXL: Auxiliary Modules for Lower Chobits, which are Chobit objects that process
input from thinking Chobits.
these may include trandlations, reply decorations, decoding, and custom dialects.