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the LivinGrimoire Artificial General Intelligence software design pattern forum

descriptionsell your LG skill Emptysell your LG skill

post a demo and a price, if it is good maybe someone will buy it.

a skill for the living grimoire or some overall beefup

descriptionsell your LG skill EmptyRe: sell your LG skill

I guess people don't want to make money ha ?

descriptionsell your LG skill EmptyRe: sell your LG skill


weird how an imaginary coin went from .08$ to 36900$

when it started out no one really knew how to use it there weren't any

walkthroughs tutorials or people to explain it.

by the time it picked up speed you could somehow use it but it required a lot of research at the time

and it wasn't even volatile. you basically had to look very hard to find individuals who had it and

were willing to sell it on their own decided rates

it started picking up speed when people started trading darkweb type of goods for bitcoin

then MGTOWs found it, and dimmed it a solution to taxes and divorce

it is somewhat like gold in the sense you cant print it out like money, but as long as it isn't

volatile it theoretically has a limit. to buy products from the grocery you would have to 1st convert to cash.

on the exact same weight we can say the same for skills for my AGI software design pattern.

the skill maker has copyrights for his skill, and being 1st in the market would most logically give him a boost in future sales.

just replace bitcoin with AGI sales.

the same was true for very simple apps that 1st emerged on the google store.

silly little games like angrybirds and candy crash.

and much like bitcoin was to mine in its beginning so it is with skill possibilities for the living grimoire AGI design pattern
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