1 don't take it srsly : don't assume you got the job, even if it went well
2 dress sharp and professional : a business suit is your best bet.
3 know the place so you can adjust your answers
4 don't be modest : brag your skills and why you are number one
5 don't talk too much that the interviewer cant talk
6 don't talk about money too early in the interview, let the interviewer get to it.
if this is not a simple job do not settle for little pay or something close to min wage.
remember gamer girls make 15000$ a day selling bath water, and you are a skilled professional.
7 don't trash your previous employer and prepare a good lie as to why you don't work there.
8 when the tard asks you what are your weakness don't say something positive cause they already ready for that, you need to say which skills you want to upgrade like team work.
9 put your phone on silent mode
10 be polite with everyone there.