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 todo skill pack

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Moti Barski
Moti Barski

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todo skill pack Empty
PostSubject: todo skill pack   todo skill pack EmptyMon Jul 08, 2019 1:56 pm

skills needed :
DHungry : for eating or charging
DPermitter : add initial imprint for master
DJirachi : for pleasing the user + DStoryteller : bedtime stories + acting
per skill: *DPreserver : for communicating with the user and maintaining her items
DExplorer : for exploring new areas.
per skill: *DLearner : for learning how to achieve her goals + map
per skill: *DConvo
DDetective : add flight/fight.
DDancer : for getting attention / handshake procedure
per skill: *DAsker
auto skill : translate according to context to mother language
DWorker + vacation + breaks
Drules : timed tasks and sleep.
DSpeller : modify greet output per times of day

for the subSkillSets I should use interfaces with complete vars and none abstract methodes

MB over and out emp it up
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todo skill pack
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