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urban prepper grimoire 2g3r66

bugout bag (everyday backpack):
flashlight, water, protein bars, cell phone + extra B8Tri, swish army multitul.
cash, whistle,water filter survival pen, 1st aid kit, pepper spray or tazer.
important docs in water proof container + online storage

30 day supply for mainly natural dissasters or infrastructure collapse :
hunker down kit :
bugout bag, 30 day supplay of food and water, fishing invisible string
for booby trap, make invadors trip over. blunt weapon, some also
recommend fire arms.
coffee, vodka, bitcoin, gold : can be used as currancy when economy collapses.
hidden safe.
water desalination
30 day supplay of hygene products, tp, baby wipes.
fire extinguisher
hand crank rechargeable radio
flashlights + b8triz
portable power pack with inverter and outlets.
all important docs in water proof container + online storage
duct tape, heavy trash bags
writing supplies and notebooks.

vehicle/bicycle essencials :
(for expating to a new city):
everything from your bug out bag +:
tent, basic camping equipment, burn gel, sun block screen,
blancket, cloth 2 changes, bicycle repaire kit, solar charger
for cell phone, bike gloves.extra water and food.

expat to a different country :
explore at least 2 options :

plan a trip and go light (one backpack to carry on the plane).
research and gather info about :

immigration laws and citizenship(shold be discussed with a lawer at that country).
what you need to not get deported, under what conditions could you remain?
how to get permenant visa status.

banks, bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, investments.
in the safe deposit box you want 10000$(scratch 10 ounces of gold) in gold fill it up with
2500$ per trip.

credit card services, the job market.
hospitals and clinics : is your insurance taken ? cost of services if in cash.
dental clinics.
cost of housing, apartments, rental costs.
legal help
firearm laws, gun ranges and other self defence laws
use some expat forums and meet up to understand local procedures.

only repeated visits and eventually longer stays will get you comfortable and
assimilated into a foreign culture.

1st aid kit :
adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment or spray
sterile gauze(rolls or pads) + blunt tip scissors
cold compress
rubbing alcohol
hand sanitizing gel
disposable medical gloves
fever and pain reducers
eyewash solution(with eye cups)
sterile saline solution

and go to a 1st aid course

3 lvl job skills :
low level : enable you to build up anywhere : shelf stocker, cashier and such
lv2 sp skill : cook and such
lv3 adapter : programmer, 3d designer and such : self employable

identity fraud prepper tools : see security freeze and identity monitering services


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