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descriptionlinks/suggestions to become a programmer Emptylinks/suggestions to become a programmer

Hello everybody, I'm here after seeing your ad on the TFM show. I have to say it's an interesting place, but I'm not sure I can contribute much.

I currently work as a mechanic, but I have an interest in computer programming. I'm thinking about changing profession because my joints are starting to hurt after 11 years in the industry, I won't be young forever.

In the early days of the TFM show, Turd mentioned a lot computer programming, him and FeedingTheCat both gave some suggestions to places with some free education. But there are so many different fields and requirements, one can get lost.

I did computer programming in 2001-2004 in high school, grade 10 was Turbo Pascal, and grade 11 and 12 was Java, but it was so long ago I forgot almost everything. I have completed some certificates on Coursera for Java and Python, but took a pause from it to save some dollars and I am currently on Khan Academy going through their Computer Programming courses that use at the moment JavaScript, with CSS and HTML.
Later I will do their Computer Science courses, and then move to the Electrical Engineering section.

I'm not sure if this is very off topic from the whole forum but, have any of you considered creating a section with sticky's that link to .pdf's or videos or websites that help someone become a programmer or improve their programming skills? Also sub-sections with links and/or advice on how to obtain a job in different programming fields and skills needed for those fields?

I read that computer programming jobs in USA are predicted to decrease by -8% from 2014 to 2024 because of exportation of those jobs, I'm currently in Toronto, Canada but I guess we might experience similar job trends. I assume job search will be more aggressive and so certificates might mean less and bachelor's or masters in computer science will mean more. Do you guys still think certificates have any weight?

For anyone that comes across this post later and is in a similar boat as I am, if you are looking into Coursera courses, don't pay for them. What you do is audit them, it is free, and then when you have completed the courses for that program, pay and complete them again. You should be able to binge through them and get all the certificates for the price of 1 month. It's what I did, after having paid a couple of months. Learned the hard way.
If you have some difficulty learning computer language, i suggest going to Khan Academy since it's free and they start you with JavaScript and simple animations.

My goal would be working with java and MySQL at a bank like TD Bank for a secure job. But I have interests in learning AI and robotics, I envision a future where we walk around with glasses/sunglasses with augmented reality, that project our waifus, and we are part of a network that interacts with other guys who have their waifus , and the avatars talk to each other and with us. They learn new sentences and evolve their personality.

descriptionlinks/suggestions to become a programmer EmptyRe: links/suggestions to become a programmer

I suggest you start with this :

we'll continue from there.
it is good you have a stable job to support your self and not put all your eggs in one basket.

personally, I think you aim very low, being a company salary man while they would make bout loads of
cash on your back. your goal should be being independent and selling high quality coded products.

also check this out :

we'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

we plan on adding more A.I GF related knowledge such as: microcontrollers, 3d printing and more.
and of course attain  A.I related programming codes.

the knowledge provided here is more comprehensive and better written than what you could get in an
expensive course.

the certificates therefore are meaningless compared to your finished products , user base and
ability to create efficient algorithms, however you could get one(OCJP) from the oracle website if you want for about 150$ to impress the lazy gold digger from HR.
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