FRspeaker40x40 as a skill absorber it has the ability to centralize services, which is what digital minimalism is all about.

instead of piles of walkthroughs and an app for each service, it just centralizes all the needed skills
into 1 convenient place.

same goes for code snippets.

I myself am a digital minimalist. I like knowing where everything is and I dislike clutter and hording,
because I feel like the more clutter the more responsibility, and work comes with it.

clutter is something that takes away one's freedom. it clutters your machine and also your mind.

a friend of mine is the opposite, he is a digital hoarder. his solution to clutter is new expensive machines with an increase of memory, and he often needs to buy external hard drives. he has difficulty locating documents and files, it eats up lots of his time.

migrating machines is something that takes him weeks to do.

some people think searching for digital items and skills is a go to option, but they simply forget as time goes on, the harder it is to find something. and they also have to figure it out all over again.

I find that it is more productive to spend time on creating new products rather than studying something given the free time.

if you do the opposite you risk becoming a perpetual learner, always learning, staying in place, and likely forgetting much of what you already learned due to the human brain being less than perfect.

what I am doing is comparing the gain of skills via study and storage, versus simply condensing it in to a LivinGrimoire skill.

in the future what I am saying will probably be common sense, like people grew to accept the magic of electricity.