class DiBlabberV6(DiSkillV2):
    def __init__(self, funnel: AXFunnelResponder):
        self.funnel: AXFunnelResponder = funnel

    def input(self, ear: str, skin: str, eye: str):
        # walrus operator:
        if n := self.funnel.funnel_walrus_operator(ear):

the AXFunnelResponder is a dictionary or {str, Responder}, and in Python it also has a function to return the reply
or None using a walrus operation as seen in the code above.

DiBlabber6 compliments DiBlabberV5 but it can also be linked to a skill branch.

it is used for respective hard coded responses to specific groups of inputs.
for example: a,b,c could point to the responses (q,w,r,y,u)