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the LivinGrimoire Artificial General Intelligence software design pattern forum

descriptionElizaDeducer enables logical deductions from strings EmptyElizaDeducer enables logical deductions from strings

(the classes are ported to other languages as usual)
main example in Java:


        ElizaDeducer elizaDeducer = new ElizaDeducerInitializer();
        RailChatBot chatBot = new RailChatBot();
        chatBot.learnV2("a overslept because b played vidya all night long",elizaDeducer);
        System.out.println(chatBot.respondDialog("a played vidya all night long"));

i guess a overslept

the ElizaDeducerInitializer(sub class of the ElizaDeducer), contains logic chunks

here is an example of one:
logic chunk:


        because1.add(new AXKeyValuePair("{1}","i guess {0}"));
        babbleTmp.add(new PhraseMatcher("(.*) because (.*)", because1)); // end because

lots of customized logic chunks can be added:
if, or and other Boolean combos
premises and their respective conclusions
Wh questions
out of the box customized logic

this means, when the RailChatBot(LLM) is fed this strings it also creates responses to
clue triggers.

in the above example "a played vidya all night long" is a deduced trigger that was never explicitly

descriptionElizaDeducer enables logical deductions from strings EmptyRe: ElizaDeducer enables logical deductions from strings

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