1. it does not inflate. bitcoin totals at 21mil which means people have no certainty of replenishment of their bitcoins if they actually use their bitcoins as currency. as the big player producers accumulate BTC they can manipulate the value of the coin against commodities, by selling coins or holding on to it.

other reason for low liquidity is that most people use BTC as an investment or hedge.

this low volatility leads to risk which means, you can't use it well to buy your groceries.

2. digital vulnerabilities. cold wallets are relatively safe, but at some point you need to connect some of your BTC online
for it to become a tool. these hot wallets have proven to be not reliable.

crypto is a great tool for trading digital products, but it is a currency not an asset or commodity, so I think
it's only wise to keep enough for doing business, rather than see it as an investment.

so when that bubble bursts, and people move on to using cyberpunk_coin or whatever else, you keep your loses to a minimum.