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description1990's shuki the time traveler Empty1990's shuki the time traveler

the following is a made up story about 1990's SHUKI the time traveler

chapter 1

mwaah, sleepy, ah man another day of school mneh !
whatever, just one more year hahaha I AM SHUKI YES it is I who is SHUKI!
oh man I am gonna be late they won't let me in, whatever, if I hurry its just 5 minutes
I'll save pfft.

today only 2 hours of history then a play then history again then home,
afterwords, I'm gonna spend my whole day in the park haha.

mr.zig: shuki ! you're late, why are you late ?
'shuki is making an I don't care shrug.
mr.zig : I'll make an example out of you, stay outside this lesson
shuki : an hour of my life wasted , I could have slept and avoid the polluted air
of the morning. now what can I waste this hour on ? school is boring
no vegetation just concrete as far as the eye can see, and nothing to do, they
put the play in the middle of the day, if it was at the end I'd be in the park early.
like I"ll ever use history, assuming they teach me facts, this book just a bore
I'm so bored I"ll check some :

WOW they lived sweet in the past : green everywhere all sorts of plats fresh free
nature food off the tree no homework no schools, no pressures, no annoing noises,
no people stuck in their phones, just peace and quite, I bet I could be self sufficient
in the past, I'd chill all the time, I want to time travel there YES I AM SHU...

tari : shuki, ya geek reading a book outside the class you must be bored.
shuki : yeah, did I miss something ?
tari : na he just talked about pastrami again.
shuki : they really outa fire him wasting our time.
tari : yeah, I just try to open eye sleep
shuki : wouldn't it be cool to build a time travel machine and stuff
tari : its not possible, beside I only care about ball games.

bell, 2nd class meh
mr.zig : so class you see when I take a sandwich and I can choose what and how to put
pastrami on it
shuki : I don't care ! you are paid to teach so my grade in the final exam will be high.
mr.zig : it is a metafore
shuki : I had enough of your metaphor it has been going on for half a year now they
should fire you.
mr.zig : if you don't like it quit school!
shuki : you think you scare me , all you do is talk nonsense and try to brain wash us
with your politic views ! and the staff doesn't do anything, I don't need this.
I don't believe anything anymore !
I will build a time machine and chill in the past.

class : laughing at shuki : yeah shuki just you, hey shuki it is not possible.
yeah sit down !

shuki : ha, whatever, I AM SHUKI !
mr.zig : get out !
shuki : IIIIIIIIIII AM SHUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mr.zig : hello principle fruna I need you here.
ms.fruna : well zig tells me you make problems ha shuki, time travel ? lets get
you to the school counselor
shuki : no, who are you to tell me what is possible, I am SHUUUKI
ms.fruna : you are suspended until furthere notice !
shuki : great.

description1990's shuki the time traveler Emptychapter number 2

several days after :

what have I done ? now everyone will finish school but me, Waaaaaaaaa
meh, whatever, if school were to teach me a profession I'd care, haha I am SHUKI!

I can't figure out this time travel thing, I can kind of sense time
but who knows what it really is, do I flow through time ? can it go back
can I alone go back can I accelerated myself forward, hehe I only
want to go backwards in time and enjoy the natural landscapes and clean air
hmm going forward, maybe it is the key, would I benefit from traveling forward ?
I'll be old age wise but all the people I know would be actually old and I'll be young
and technically outlive'em all.

THAT NIGHT : shuki saw something that, would transform him into 1990's shuki.

wow a turtle, haven't seen it in the park before, they outlive humans...
wait a minute maybe they can time travel somehow ! I AM SHUKI ! SHUKIIIIIIII

guy from nearby house : hey, I'm trying to get some shut eye !
shuki : good night man.
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