Episode: 2
Darkness blacker than black and darker than dark, I beseech thee, combine with my deep crimson.

The time of awakening cometh.

Justice, fallen upon the infallible boundary, appear now as an intangible distortion!

Dance, Dance, Dance!

I desire for my torrent of power a destructive force: a destructive force without equal! Return all creation to cinders, and come from the abyss!

This is the mightiest means of attack known to man, the ultimate attack magic!


Episode: 3
None can stand in opposition of my lethal explosion magic.

Could I possibly resist the urge to unleash explosion magic when faced with such a massive army?

No, I can't!

Oh, blackness shrouded in light...

Frenzied blaze clad in night...

In the name of the crimson demons, let the collapse of thine origin manifest.

Summon before me the root of thy power hidden within the lands of the kingdom of demise!


Episode: 4
Crimson-black blaze, king of myriad worlds, though I promulgate the laws of nature, I am the alias of destruction incarnate in accordance with the principles of creation.

Let the hammer of eternity descend unto me!


Burn to ashes within the crimson...

Episode: 6
My name is Megumin!

I am a user of the finest magic crimson demons possess, and I commend explosion magic!

Behold my power!


Episode: 7
By my efflux of deep crimson, topple this white world!


Episode: 10
Oh, blackness shrouded in light...

Frenzied blaze clad in night...

All else aside, I don't want to be outdone by anyone else when it comes to explosion magic!

Here I go! My ultimate destructive magic...


Episode: 2-3
My power...
My weapon..?
My madness?
Let my madness manifest!


Burst forth,


Episode: 2-5
The tower of rebellion creeps upon man's world...

The unspoken faith displayed before me...

The time has come!

Now, awaken from your slumber, and by my madness, be wrought!

Strike forth,


Episode: 2-6

Taste the power of my explosion magic!


Episode: 2-10
Detonation... Detonation... Detonation...

Wielder of the most glorious, powerful, and grand explosion magic...

My name is Megumin.

The blow that I am given to strike turns a blind eye to the fate of my kindred, rendering all hope of rebirth and anguish, and the model by which all forces are judged!

Pitiful creature...

Synchronize yourself with the red smoke, and atone in a surge of blood!

Burst forth,


O crucible which melts my soul, scream forth from the depths of the abyss and engulf my enemies in a crimson wave!

Pierce trough,