[pdf] Arduino 101 Cover

this book is a comfortable edit of Arduino topiced threads
from this forum.

great for Arduino begginers.

pdf book table contents:

Audrino and elegoo hardware codes 3
output: 3
print to serial monitor 3
input: 3
analog output: 4
read serial from PC on Arduino 4
EEPROM save, load data: 4
analog pins 5
get analog pin analog input: 5
get time after boot: 6
Arduino OOP (object oriented programming) 7
example class .h file 8
separate class implementation from it's interface 11
adding a class to a sketch: 13
transform Arduino C++ classes into a library: 13
push button class: 13
LedBlinker .h and .cpp 16
C++ enum 18
inheritance 18
Arduino C++ list 19