the problem with this puzzle is, there is only 1 absolute 100% truth: I think therefore I am.

everything else is subjective to a certain degree.

even the sun may not shine tomorrow. Indeed it has shined so far, every morning, and most would gamble
it will shine, but to say with 100% certainty would be false.

yes it is an extreme example but the point is truth and faith for that matter are a function of convenience
of what works.

so my proposed solution to this puzzle is that the truth is a mentality, a state of mind, which can change depending on negative or positive reinforcement as well as time and desperation.

you can be naive, and you can be suspicious. something will work better for you.

so there is no need to program extra modules for this, "the truth" is simply a changeable mode, which produces different reactions to the same situations.

if however we want to discuss absolute truths it has to build on the very concept of thinking(AI). :s32: