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descriptionoffline vs online AI Emptyoffline vs online AI

offline AI relies on algorithms.

whereas online AIs rely on data posted by humans in top ranked websites.

well  hmm

an online AI does not understand the meaning of what it does or says.

it's a search engine.

if you tell it:

"wake me up at 7 o'clock"


what's on my to do list?

it might give an answer that has nothing to do with it. just a popular search result, like

"time to drink a beer"

some search engines mix algorithms with searches.

so I can ask: what is the time/date/day? or 40$ to euro

and get an answer that is based on the meaning of the search.

  1. but even than search engines don't have long term context. mostly they have no context.
  2. they can't mitigate between special requests.
  3. they don't handle request priority.

as for mutation

an offline AI mutates the algorithms it uses, but an online AI mutates the query sites it uses.

a game AI would probably be better of using alg mutation in such cases, because the very pattern changes.

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descriptionoffline vs online AI EmptyRe: offline vs online AI

an online AI also has no emotions
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