the aim of this module is to give the user sole control over certain skills.


package AXJava;

import LivinGrimoire.RegexUtil;
import LivinGrimoire.enumRegexGrimoire;

public class AXPassword {
    // code # to open the gate
    // while gate is open, code can be changed with: code new_number
    private Boolean isOpen = false;
    private int maxAttempts = 3;
    private int loginAttempts = maxAttempts;
    private RegexUtil regexUtil = new RegexUtil();
    private int code = 0;
    public Boolean codeUpdate(String ear){
        // while the gate is toggled on, the password code can be changed
        if(!isOpen){return false;}
            String temp = regexUtil.extractRegex(enumRegexGrimoire.integer,ear);
            if(!temp.isEmpty()){code = new LGTypeConverter().convertToInt(temp);
            return true;}
        return false;
    public void openGate(String ear){
        if(ear.contains("code")&&(loginAttempts > 0)){
            int tempCode = new LGTypeConverter().convertToInt(regexUtil.extractRegex(enumRegexGrimoire.integer,ear));
            if(tempCode == code){
                loginAttempts = maxAttempts;
                isOpen = true;
            else {
    public Boolean isOpen() {
        return isOpen;
    public void resetAttempts(){
        // should happen once a day or hour to prevent hacking
        loginAttempts = maxAttempts;

    public int getLoginAttempts() {
        // return remaining login attempts
        return loginAttempts;
    public void closeGate(){
    public void closeGate(String ear){

    public void setMaxAttempts(int maxAttempts) {
        this.maxAttempts = maxAttempts;

    public int getCode() {
        return code;}
        return -1;

an earlier version of the livingrimoire had built in password capabilities, but I find this approach more
flexible. ldar