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descriptionhow to transfer a domain to a new registrar Emptyhow to transfer a domain to a new registrar


transferring a domain to a new registrar

there might be times where the registrar for your domain will cancel you
be it due to you exercising your free speech, or trolls bad mouthing you.
in such cases the registrar will cancel you without early notice (out of the blue)
if you want to preserve your old domain name :

on the old registrar :
1 click unlock domain, than it shows something called authcode

2 than open a new account on a new registrar and they have an option to transfer domain
put in the domain and auth code.

3 the old registrar asks you to authorize the transfer by mail

4 reset the DNS servers using a button on the new registrar, because the setting is still set to the old one.

it's worth to note that russian registrants are much cheaper, about 500 rub a year, but some use
something called DNS delegate, meaning you would have to use a site like and get the
DNS settings from there (3 DNS server names for your acc)

5 finally you need to redo the certificates for all your current domains to point to the same host ip :

on /var/www/html/your_site

in the terminal :
cd /etc/apache2/sites-available
sudo nano
add server alias yourNewDomain
ctrl + x

sudo nano old_site.ssl.conf
add server alias yourNewDomain
ctrl + x
restart the service :
sudo service apache2 reload
sudo certbot certonly -d -d new
^ add all domains

choose option 2 webroot
input the webroot
sudo service apache2 reload
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