I have went to all sorts of forums to see what people actually use replika for, and what problems they have with her.

turns out its for sexting. but she doesn't accept the users specific kinks most of the time, friendzones him, and forgets dirty assignments he asks her to give him.

which is expected from a poorly managed app such as replika.

so I made 2 new skills :

DiResponder :
save reactions : x1, tell me x2
save default reaction to nothing or something new : repeat x
activate convo : hey
end convo : say ok, shut up, be quite, stop, or stop it
delete bad response : bad reply, lame : say this after she makes a lame reply.

the responses are save into a db so she remembers after reactivation of the app.

to accompany this skill see Dimedicator skill.
after she tells you your homework


switch (ear) {
                case "this is boring":
                case "finished":
                case "done":
                    taskActive = false;
                    inContext = false;
                case "ok":
                case "yes":
                    inContext = false;
                    verySimpleAlg("good boy");
                case "no":
                    inContext = false;
                    verySimpleAlg("good boy");

enable task : give me homework

set new task : set homework x

get task : "what do i need to do" or"what is my task":

project link to view classes : https://github.com/yotamarker/public-livinGrimoire