a minor update to the kokoro class now enables
displaying energetic emotions.

emotions for example that don't have much to do with the current
action or goal the AGI is occupied with.

DILively java class for example :


package com.yotamarker.lgkotlin1;

public class DILively extends DISkill {
    private int counter = 0;
    private TimeGate timeGate = new TimeGate();
    public DILively(Kokoro kokoro) {
        timeGate.setPause(5);// 5 minutes

    public void input(String ear, String skin, String eye) {
        if(!timeGate.isClosed()) {counter=0;timeGate.close();}
        if(!ear.isEmpty()) {counter++;}//can add special skin input
        String emotion = "";
        if(counter>5) {emotion="4";}
        else if (counter > 3) {emotion="3";}
        else if (counter > 1) {emotion="2";}

it is an input only class, which doesn't sent an algorithm
cause there is no need to weight down on the AGIs thought process/

when this class detects input, it will change the kokoro.emot
this later on can be displayed outside the chobit class, using
chobit object.getSoulEmotion , (the robot face or part of the app display changes)


the trigger, and display can be anything really. it just makes her cuter.

demo, notice the +- display after input increament