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battle programming a forum for elite programmers with extreme will power to sharpen their skills

descriptionEV3 block palette list EmptyEV3 block palette list

wait blocks
display blk :neutral,pinch right, awake, hurt, accept,decline,?.!warning, stop,pirate,boom,EV3 icon

wait touch sensor blk : wait 4 : press & release, release, press

wait reflect light sensor blk : color + %

wait color sensor blk : null(N/C), black, blu, grn,yel,red,wht,brn

wait brick BTN

wait motor rotation sensor blk : degrees

wait time blk : seconds

wait infrared sensor blk :

wait infrared remote blk

Action Blocks
action blk : back, spinL, spinR,backL,backR,L,R,straight,stop

Sound blk
brick status light blk

the loop blk : 2,3,4,5,10, inf smell you later

descriptionEV3 block palette list Emptyev3 programming


playlist :
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