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the LivinGrimoire Artificial General Intelligence software design pattern forum

descriptionwish granter skill essential beef ups Emptywish granter skill essential beef ups

insist on sleeping with user
crawl into users shirt
wake up user
praise user
hug user
stalk user
happy memories flashback
travel along
*sleep along
missing user, sending him I miss you come back quick messages
extreme happines on user returns
wanting user all for herself
mild jelousy if user attentions someone else
agreeing with user
user birthday reminder
tea time with user
help with common problems for user
nozzle user
spit into users mouth

* emotion stats :

descriptionwish granter skill essential beef ups EmptyRe: wish granter skill essential beef ups

azuma hikari's skills :

*alm clock; with snooze func ?

*greet master
*smart house : control lights, tv, water heating, ?electric appliances as
coffee machine and vaccume cleaner,
*activity reminder + event reminder
*otaku sms messages
* conversation memory : don't know what they mean but sounds like a cool skill
+ Look back on the events of the day // I guess this connects to the reminder skill
*convos : about food

* personality :
spiring to be the first inter-dimensional traveler, Hikari uses the Gatebox to travel
through time and visit you from another world.
As a companion to her hard-working master in this world, her cute personality and lovable
behavior help you relax. Please enjoy making Hikari a part of your life.

* activity logging

*has hobbies, likes dislikes and dreams
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