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the LivinGrimoire Artificial General Intelligence software design pattern forum

descriptionA.G.I juubi EmptyA.G.I juubi

A.G.I juubi 3cfy3f

DI skills an AGI needs mostly :

1 Hungry : for eating or charging , sleep
2 wishgranter : for pleasing the user (dirty stuff, caring, ...)
3 protection and self preservation
4 Work : for working
5 Programming
6 Homer : going home at the end of completing a goal or mission
7 Gamer
8 Breeder : recreating her self, and understanding her own algorithms and how to build another one
9 DISoul : memories, convos and alg generations
trigger revenge algs, recognize and avoid boredom

while the above are skills equipped with a soul and consciousness there can also be little skills that don't require a soul like :

permission skill : for enabling dirty stuff with the user, and only working not for free, stuff like that

therefore the AGI platform is the gedomazo while the skills are Bijuus ichiibii to kyubi to form the juubi

:BP: :s37: :ON:

descriptionA.G.I juubi Emptyadditional tasks


  • recreate 2 level dirty skill to take AP zipping and mutation lim out of dexplorer class
    and into the AP class plus physical input, ul app
  • set bark skill start time to set time.
  • AR display
  • set as instant app
  • deathcon lv1 to 5 threat handle system
  • eye
  • memory
  • task postpone
  • SMS skill
  • phone calls
  • reminders
  • weather deathcon
  • improve greet
  • traveler skill

  • convo :

    types of talking :

    an order/request
    converse, story/script

    questions :

    information, type
    What’s your name?
    What is an oak – a tree or a plant?
    time, day, year, etc.
    When were you born?
    When are you coming – today or tomorrow?
    Why are you so tired?
    Why don’t you go to bed?
    We have fruit tea and green tea – which would you like?
    a person, a name
    Who wrote War and Peace – was it Tolstoy?
    method, quality, condition
    How do you travel to work – by car?
    How was the soup?
    How are you today?
    possession, owner
    Whose is this pen? Is it yours?
    Whom? (formal)
    a person, name
    Whom did you see? (formal, less common)
    Who did you see? (more common)
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