value assigned paper

the government distributes food and money to its humans.
anything can be attributed to value, money is one of them.
now money can be traded, however its value corresponds to the stuff it is traded for.
in the past, money = hardwork and invention
presently, money = no work and idiocy, much money is given to singers, performers and such that get paid
for standing in front of the camera, sing for 4 minutes songs that give me headaches and get millions for that.
now money corresponds to a model who just walks on a catwalk, money now has no real value so its economy
has no motivation to produce, it is finished.

the stuck exchange also controls where money goes to, in 2011 they send it to idiocy.


abolish taxes and bank intrests
increase amount of allowence(money, food) per citizen (with minimum bureaucracy)
abolish or deminish religions
encourage negation of overpopulation
limit workers per area (facility)
every 5 - 10 years print new money that out values the old
outlaw human resources companies

note : in case of war you should convert your money to a foreign country currency