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the LivinGrimoire Artificial General Intelligence software design pattern forum

descriptionmy livinGrimoire Emptymy livinGrimoire


descriptionmy livinGrimoire EmptyRe: my livinGrimoire

permition 2 : toggle Mcode for AP

*load all Mcodes per Alg AP at alg load

default equips
g/representation + AP select 1 from options // + dequip option

speed up ?
active ?

explor : speed test with/without

form requip alg
form superAP with all requips.

TER(AP.action) : regular, auto engage, OUTERmutate
//mutation A : wrapper of AP(super AP)

mutation B : new Alg // scheduled task :hkn:

descriptionmy livinGrimoire Emptyape titan beefup1

task : add item using ability to the livinGrimoire :grimoire:
alg ready, gonna write some code. 8))

some music while I code :

descriptionmy livinGrimoire EmptyRe: my livinGrimoire


I had a successful experiment, with the beef up.
still I need to make some twicks. debugging the beast she has become was nerve wrecking.

gonna need to properly java doc it too and maybe do a little cleaner writing of the code.

some minor tasks like make sure the requip algs aren't requipable.

I was hopping to finish this also in swift by 23 of may. :shouryuken:

descriptionmy livinGrimoire Emptyjava pairs

I knew java had a pair variable.
I 1st met that var back in the days I was maxing

I'll check it out tomorrow, taisetsu ni shimasu tsumori desu.


the link was not simple enouth so I created the class from scratch  :morph:

descriptionmy livinGrimoire EmptyRe: my livinGrimoire

armored titan puzzle : solved (mutation of thoughts)
female titan puzzle :solved (usage of fusion goals)

ape titan puzzle : in progress (user of items)

tasks 4 today :
add 2 functions to chobit

pass pair to said fun.
handle mutation bug

check it out, dial it in...emp it up !!! :s6: :s6: :s6:

descriptionmy livinGrimoire EmptyRe: my livinGrimoire

this has been quit the puzzle.
finished the item equipping + item UML diagram

//TODO :
bug fix for failed mutations :

if item ruined while in use
dequiping of virtual item and possible failure causing triggers

perfect fun itemFilter :NGL:

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