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descriptionwin 150$ cash prize !!! Emptywin 150$ cash prize !!!

I want a volume meter for visual basic :
it must work on visual studio 2015 and on windows 10
(home and pro edition) and windows 8.
the volume meter will receive the volume level in real time
from a microphone connected to the computer via usb and or
jack microphone.

post the solution as a very easy to understand walkthrough.
the 1st to solve this correctly will receive the payment
up to 1 month after.

descriptionwin 150$ cash prize !!! Emptyps also this

also the volume level captured must be sampled in intervals smaller that 100 miliseconds

descriptionwin 150$ cash prize !!! Emptyand also

preferably but not mandatory the volume meter will not require 3rd party downloads or installations

descriptionwin 150$ cash prize !!! Empty(No subject)

solved by digitalshaman

descriptionwin 150$ cash prize !!! EmptyRe: win 150$ cash prize !!!

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