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 ios app dev

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Moti Barski
Moti Barski

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PostSubject: github   ios app dev - Page 2 EmptyThu Feb 21, 2019 10:27 pm

ios app dev - Page 2 2ua76m

git enables you to save modified versions of files in a directory
restore to a version and one click publish(private or publicly) to the guthub site AKA commit

open a github at :

install git for windows :
if you have mac it is already installed probably

install git desktop :

git jutsus with terminal :

vim file.exe // edit a file from the terminal
I for insert
esc, shift colon x // exit vim
git init // type this when you are in your projects directory
esc, :wq or :x // exit vim
git status // get file versions data moded and newly created files
git add file.exe // add file to be git tracked or updated (after modification)
git add -A // add all files in dir for tracking
git commit -m "1st commit" // save file ver with title for said ver
git log // get git commits history
git checkout paste 7 1st chars from the version you want from git log // restore to file version
git branch //
git checkout -b name // pulls all changes from said git branch and makes it the active version

MB over and out emp it up
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ios app dev
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